Baseball and Softball Glove Relacing, Cleaning, and Conditioning Services

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I have been repairing and making baseball and softball equipment, especially gloves, since 1983. I have been working for players competing in Czech national competitions including players of the czech softball and baseball national teams. During the tournaments organized in the Czech Republic, I repaired gloves for players from the USA, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Australia and other countries. I have repaired and maintained gloves for MLB coaches during a MLB development camp. The names include Jim Snyder, Gregg Riddoch -San Diego Padres, Frank White, Steve Boros - Kansas City Royals, Galen Cisco - Toronto Blue Jays, Brent Strom - New York Yankees, Jeff Calderone - Atlanta Braves, Bob Chuck, Steve Baker - Oakland Athletics. [References]

The president of American Baseball Association - Dick Case and the vice president of MLBI - Steve Baker have also appreciated my work.

One of my hand-made gloves is currently exhibited in the Hall of Fame of Softball in St. Petersburg, Virginia.

I am offering my services during tournaments. Namely glove maintenance, tightening and exchange of straps, leather conditioning, and glove re-shaping. I also offer so called Robur-cross, the prevention and repair of leather tears between the fingers on the glove.

I can also repair firstbase and catcher's mitts.

I perform my work immediately and can fix a glove during the break between the games. In case of bigger orders or multiple items I will take the order in the evening and deliver repaired items in the morning next day. Basic service – 300CZK, other work - per agreement.

I also offer used equipment for sale for very favorable prices. I have in stock some refurbished gloves from a "piece of baseball history" category that have been used during 70s and 80s.

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